Me23. What’s so significant about it? It’s not a milestone in my life. In fact, 22 wasn’t either.  However, I feel like I am someone at this age, I reached a great deal of my goals and the others are in progress.

I had a good day actually. My inbox was filled with email messages from facebook, thanks gmail labels for filtering. Thanks everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I know that manhattanites like to hang out in bars for their birthday but I’m such a recluse that I don’t do that haha.

I relaxed today, I took the day off to clear my head. I met up with my aunt and cousin, my only close family here. I joined her at a doctor’s appointment for my cousin after we had Caribbean food ^.^. I had curried goat, rice & beans with veggies…

My boyfriend bought a great deal of things from my amazon wishlist and treated me to a Brazillian Restaurant after I had a drink with one of my good friends.

I’m actually exhausted from moving around all day. Again thanks, 23… 2 years until 25, 7 years until 30… almot 1/2 way to midlife crisis :-p.

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