So, last week, an Associate Creative Director, another designer and I created layouts for a client. It’s a pretty huge client. The ACD came up with a layout, that I felt was ok but I wanted to create something different. I went ahead and created what I felt the client might like. I was right. The client liked mine and picked it out of all the other designs. The ACD was PISSED. For some reason, he didn’t like what I did. From the beginning, he basically made it sound like we had to design something around his design and he also wanted me to work on the weekend to create it. I decided not to work on the weekend and made mine on Monday. He, however, made his design that weekend – apparently he has no life.

Anyway, he got really angry that his didnt get picked so he decided to scrap all the designs and have us start all over. I am so annoyed by this! However, it does make me a little happy that my design outshined his… and I am only a junior designer.

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