Oh corporate America really fools you with her “time management” doesn’t she?
I decided to define full time and part time. Of course part time is the opposite of full time. Supposedly I’m referred as a full time employee.
Full Time: “working or operating the customary number of hours in each day, week, or month
Part Time: “a period of time that is less than the usual or full time.” (dictionary.com)

However, much to my concern, I have been crossing the lines of part time with my full time… Is anyone having this happen to them?

I’ve also been wondering whether or not to switch from full time to part time. I’d love to hear different sides of this and whether you think it’s good or bad to be either.

The News:
Honestly, I think that I should stop watching the news altogether. I watch the Today Show a lot and although most of the time is filled with fun information that are discuss-worthy. I come to wonder that If I take every detail seriously I may not “live” or “have a life.”A few days ago they said we shouldn’t reuse water bottles with “7s(something about hormones)” on it. I checked my gym bottle and there was a 7! Some months ago they said, wine is bad and can cause cancer, or was it heart disease… even 1 glass a day… Then later there were studies about wine being good, then something about coffee being bad and later – coffee is good because it removes antioxidents. You know… I am just going to stop watching. Well, I think I should have stopped a long time ago when Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were the highlight for weeks…







I’m not a great Photoshop Retoucher – I am trying my best but it was humorous to find this site about Photoshop Disasters. Conveniently acronymed, PSD.







I thought that Carbon Studios was a very cute site. You should definitely check it out.

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