gilthm.jpgMy brother liked keeping things short. He refused to spend time on frivolous things so I am making the Eulogy straight to the point. I’m not going to linger, however this post will be long. Today I started a fund for him for whoever wants to help us with the funeral expenses. Eventually I want to start a scholarship in his name for any young man on St. Croix who think there isn’t hope.

Funny, my post about him got taken up by a forum and already there has been a great deal of speculation around what occurred. It doesn’t help that someone went and posted the onepaper article and already they gave him the wrong name, the wrong time of death, and wrong people involved-the wrong number of shots! Well, the police did say they would issue a public statement when they find out what occurred. It doesn’t help that his family was told one thing and the paper another. Sad how the media works though, 1 person investigates a story and then somehow it makes it’s way to another paper and they chop things up so it doesn’t seem like it’s plagiarized.

What sucks is that I am very familiar with the restaurant that it occurred. I used to live in a condo there and the restaurant was right next to the pool. I don’t want to speculate myself but, it’s difficult to imagine that this is just another black man given an injustice, you can figure out what demographic that dines there – surprise surprise.

I’m learning a great deal from my brother now just like I did when he was alive. In all honesty, he was never afraid of dying. He made it like a natural event of life. He was just concerned about those he would have left behind. He had love in his heart for everyone. He was a good boy even if he started off his teenage years wrong. We lived a very trying life and we never loved talking about our lives to others. In fact, I am the only person in my family who actually writes a blog consistently and I do avoid talking about events that hurt me emotionally. We are quite private and choose very specific people to talk to. In fact, my brother had one best friend that he always spoke to. My mom told me about how he used to hug her(my mom hates hugs) and he would do it because he loves her and taunted her by saying, “mom I know you hate hugs.” I remembered that he was an amazing cook, if my friends really are being truthful about liking what I cooked, my brother’s cooking would have surprised them. He would clean up after himself and he was also remembered to be very protective of each of us. He would always lock the doors, he’d lock you out if you weren’t inside sometimes haha.

Anyway, I will be writing more later but I do hope, and pray that everyone cool down with the speculations and wait until the public statement.



Donate to the Gilbert ‘Dice’ J. Thomas Fund (You can contact me for this info)

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