Dial up internet, my mom has to be like the 1% of people still using dial up internet. Hehe. She’s like sunshine. She makes me smile. Today I am still going through some of my brother’s things. His clothing and such, we are going to donate them. I heard that his body may not be released until late next week sadly.

I called my grandmother today and father. Of course, they dealing with the same loss. It was pleasant hearing from my grandmother. I haven’t spoke to her in ages – literally. Maybe this would be an opportunity to get some parts of the family closer. I’ve hardly been here a day and so many drama have been brought into light. We are seeing them tonight.

Tomorrow I might head out into St. Croix to see what errands that need to be ran. I will interview his friends and start on the memoir that I wanted to make for Gilbert.  I am still wondering which new body he is renting currently.

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