Almost 3AM, I should be asleep but I am reflecting again. I met my brother’s friends today. They all seem like nice kids. They are going to be his pallbearers at the funeral.
I found his pair of Dices hung at the window today. I took photos of them but I might repost them later tonight.

It’s really depressing here without him ever being able to come back. I cried today when his friend spoke about him. “Tha’ wah my padnar nuh man,” Cruzan accent and everything.

I spoke to my best friend tonight (I went to see my godson – he’s now 5). We reflected on the things we have done over the year and saw how much she changed. We talked about relationships etc. She also has a younger brother. I just showed up at her door (she moved and I didn’t have her current number), her family was happy to see me. Seeing her again made me appreciative of our friendship because she knows the real me. We lost contact for awhile because of “life.” I was so into school and she had started her family. I met her in 7th grade, when I first came to St. Croix. I just smiled when she joined my table, we were inseparable after. We hung out constantly even if life took us on different paths. I am her son’s godmother and it was nice seeing him. I hope he doesn’t have to deal with the stresses of life, and I am there for him.

I will post images I found in albums later.

My brother never said goodbye, so according to my brother, “bust off.” (Bass Ahf – Cruzan accent)

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