I am up at until 2AM once again. I spoke to Alex(my bf) tonight again and told him what was going on. I can’t discuss it on my blog sadly so the only person that I trust to confide in is my boyfriend. I really wish the world knew everything or I could scream it out or something because it’s truly painful. It makes me more committed to starting the scholarship in my brother’s name. Alex told me that it can be my lifetime goal and that I do not need to rush.

However today, I heard even more bad news. I can’t express how unfair it is. I cant even discuss those either.

I did get to catch up with people today who have influenced a great deal of my life. Everyone gave their condolences.

I am thankful to everyone who tried to ease our pains and gave us support. My family and I truly appreciate all of this. We honestly do not know what we would do without the love from our friends and other family members – or even other people who reached out to us because they know how much it hurts to lose someone so young as a sibling or child. We appreciate all of you.

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