There’s a flash flood warning on the island so basically we are stuck indoors for awhile. I’m supposed to have breakfast later today with an “adopted” father figure who have helped me a great deal growing up. I’ll be honest, he has had more influence in my life than my own father (long story). So hopefully it’s not raining like this tomorrow. I promised that we would catch up and discuss how my life have been going and my new goals. I’m definitely seeing my life in a different perspective with all these things occurring at once!

Tonight, I basically interviewed one of my mom’s friends so to lighten our spirits he promised us a tour of the island. It would be great seeing it through someone else’s eyes. When Alex and I came here last year, I enjoyed going around the island because he was excited about seeing this island that I grew up on. My mom’s friend brought me Heineken because I asked :-D. He gets kudos! We were just indoors and with all this depressing things going on lately, we are just happy to have cheerful company. He started his company over 8 years ago and had his idea 6-7 years prior so when he told me how it all got started I was very intrigued.

Well, it’s much too late to be up. Hearing the rain against the roof and listening it fall into the cistern brings back memories of growing up here. I guess this is a fond memory of St. Croix.

My mom, sis and I spent all night playing Jeopardy on my laptop (I brought the game with me). It’s really just us now. I mean, it sucks that my brother wont be a part of photos anymore. I won’t get to see him grow old. I’ll always remember how handsome he was :-). Don’t you dare disagree! I found a tattoo that he wanted (He had it drawn in a notebook) I will make a trace of it if I can later today.

I also cleared up a photo of him for a T Shirt that his friends wanted. Well, it was is definitely the most recent of him. He has bags under his eyes because he hardly slept. Hehe, just like me. I wonder if he thought as much as I did. If so, I wish I knew more of those thoughts. I will post the image later. I wanted it posted in this entry but sadly Photoshop crashed a few times :-/


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