The thing about living on a small island, you get the random gossip. So now, there’ve been gossip that the guy is from the Mafia or he’s a mason etc etc, I think people here are so bored that all they can do is sit and fabricate stories. Hope do people go by in this small place?

I didn’t get to scan my brother’s tattoo drawing but I will as soon as I can. I was occupied today. I cleaned, had breakfast with a great friend/father figure. Then I helped my mom pick out her new laptop. The one i sent her crashed, it really was past it’s due date so hopefully having something new lightened her spirits. I also got printing paper so that I could print some copies of my brother’s photos.

After dropping my mom off to her class, I took her vehicle and I ran over a cat :(. It was very scary, I’ve never done that before. I always stop for stuff like chickens crossing, dogs crossing, etc but I couldn’t stop. I was going 40mph and the cat was already on the street when I saw it. I’m never going to forget the sound/feeling of it. I felt so horrible! Everyone is telling me that it’s no big deal but I hate how randomly weird things have been happening. I remembered that someone ran over my Luna (my last cat) after a storm and I was so sad.

Anyway, I met up with my childhood friend again and we talked abit. She told me the cat has no soul… I asked her how she knew. Beliefs are intriguing, especially now. I guess I understand why people feel betrayed sometimes by their beliefs.Someone called me the other day and spent 1/2 hour talking to me about their religion in relation to my brother’s death. I felt forced. :-/. I mean it’s good to give condolenses but I seriously do not want to discuss my beliefs right now. My friend and I talked more about my brother and I shared some memories. I brought my godson some apples – instead of candy. He refused to eat them so I told him I won’t bring any more candy unless he eats them.

Also, the island was so hot today after that storm last night. My bf said that it was at least 50s in NYC. He said he envies that I am here, however it’s under unfortunate circumstances. I never imagined coming back to the island like this.

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