Siblings & I on Creole Day. I guess we didn’t like smiling 🙂

My flight back wont be until the day after the funeral! I am going to be so tired by the time I get back to NYC! Not only that, it went deep into my pocket to change the flight! I was definitely wondering about my job but I was assured that everything will be ok when I called in yesterday. I did hear that funerals hurt pockets, it’s true. Always be prepared. Everyone dies eventually…

Strange Things: Gilbert’s friends have been talking about sightings and dreams. It’s a little weird but for some reason every night at precisely 2AM (when Gilbert used to come in after hanging out with his friends) the neighbor’s dogs go crazy. I’m so not suspicious but I do wonder why the dogs bark at nothing. His friend said they saw him opening the gate and another said he knocked on her door and said something. I think they are nuts but I understand that they miss him as well.

I was compiling the Booklet for the funeral today. I made a collage of his photos and added the poem that his friend wrote. I should get the order of service later tonight because my parents are meeting with the church.

A friend of ours also wrote a letter to my brother. She explained his nickname.

Wow, Gilbert this is hard for me but I’m going to remember you how you were not how I last saw you. All the times we sat together cracking jokes and stuff. You remember that time we sat behind your house and talked about life? Yeah, that was interesting. We said the reason why you liked your nickname “Dice” was because you felt life was always a different roll and every year you were different. You grew up so much from not caring to always showing respect and asking your favorite question, “You safe oh wah Laurie?” But guess what, where you are, I gon keep your phrase going. Anyone who gets in my way needs to “Bust Off!”

Rest In Peace,

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