I’ve been reflecting lately and last night my boyfriend and I had a conversation about “purpose” so I am tying it into my post today.

We were talking about working very hard everyday and not feeling complete. Someone had made a speech about this. They said some people make goals and meet them, work hard, make lots of money and they aren’t happy in the end because they haven’t got purpose. I’ve been thinking a great deal about purpose lately. What’s my purpose? What was my brother’s purpose? I may never know either of those questions. However for now my purpose hopefully so far it has been to bring joy. My brother brought joy. His death sadly brought lots of tears, according to his friend. I know somewhere someone is saying, “If only…”
“If” is too late. I think we need to make the most of our lives while we are alive. I spent a great deal of my life caring what people think. I hope my brother didn’t. I should just be me and not care. Let haters spend time talking about you 🙂 that sure makes them important (*sarcasm*).

However, you should let people know that you care about them.

I am listening to a CD that my brother made. I think it’s a really sensitive collection of songs. From them, I realized that he seemed like he was in love. The letter that his gf sent to me didn’t get the chance to be in the book because it was too late but I felt like it was super personal as well. However, she said he never treated her badly. I am happy for this.


Off Topic.. I forgot my lock combination in 3 weeks :-/.

Jerlyn M. Thomas

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