I pretty much relied on asking Alex all my financial questions so I decided to start doing some research today to make sure that I won’t be an idiot when I am on my own. I am searching through listings for apartments and thankfully I have all my friends support. Lol, some people wanted to slap me because I used to cook, clean and iron his shirts for the week at times.

Don’t worry I wont make the same mistakes anymore. However, everyone should realize that I just like cooking anyway so I do it. However, I shouldn’t have done any ironing for him and wasted my time. The best thing about this is: I am not bitter about men like I used to be when I was younger. I know all of them are different. They are less complicated if they don’t lie however. I will keep you guys up to speed with my life later but I am basically doing some work to keep me occupied =)

I spoke to Johanna today and she agreed, “its crazy when these things happen (like someone dear to you dying) its oftentimes followed by other things falling apart because it all becomes very clear…” I feel that is true. That’s how you find out who is true to you and not. However, I am happy that it ended without too much craziness, I will bounce and thankfully without kids.

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