A reminder to myself to download firefox’s new version when I get home.

I have been coming to work earlier because I actually love my job, ever since I moved from a group I had some months ago – *gasps* – I didn’t just admit that. There’s lots of gossip that I can’t talk about. Let’s just say that I learned a great deal about the Advertising Industry Workplaces in the past couple days. Also, they are moving my desk… I can’t kick and scream all the way there but I will be moving near someone cool. 😀 The office is expanding.

Also, my ex and I are actually getting along. Almost like we aren’t exes – creepy. He made me lunch today. However, I feel sort of weird that he tells me about the women that have started asking him out. *sigh* no respect follow up on previous post. “You can lose lots of money chasing women, but you will NEVER lose women chasing money…” Not saying those after him were… but I think he realized how much money he has to spend now when he goes out. However, I know that I’m not the best person in the world for him, and vice versa. I don’t know how to calculate the percentage of actually meeting that person for me, so I will take it with time and see where everything goes in my love life.

My friend said that I am probably in limbo because I am still at our apartment with all the familiarity. I wish that I could move to my new place already. It’s only 10-12 days to go! With all the bad things that occur this year, it’s good to start another chapter. Maybe I should couch surf for the next 10 days lol

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