When I thought I dealt with everything: So, the girl who he fell for works for Lehman Brothers. I wrote more about the issue on my xanga blog so the whole world doesn’t really have to know. All I can say is: I can’t stand liars, I wish a lot more ppl would speak the truth. I just need to get out of this apartment soon. I spoke to her today and she tells me: ” I have no attraction to him whatsoever so maybe you guys can still work it out.” She also has a boyfriend in London who she said is back and is happy to be with. But when I told her what happened she told me this beautiful message:

Listen; take this as advice from someone much older and experienced than you. Don’t ruin your life over someone who doesn’t ultimately make you happy. Find someone who’s going to cherish you and put you on a pedestal despite your flaws, regardless of what they are – nobody’s perfect. You have so much life ahead of you with regards to dating; you are just beginning to know yourself. Take some time off and be by yourself, love yourself, cherish yourself and empower yourself so that when you’re in another relationship, you’ll never settle for less!!! Don’t ever sell yourself short. Trust me, I was in a 5 year relationship for the best part of my 20’s and I learned that I would never let anyone make me feel so insecure and I would never let anyone belittle me as he did; I am such a different person today and since then I’ve had wonderful relationships just like the one I have now. As for Alex and me…..don’t let that be something you need to worry about….worry about something real. BELIEVE ME….you’ll look back on this as a situation you needed to help you grow into the woman you will one day become. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck to you. Regards, Carolina

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  1. Cheese and crackers!!!!! – if what she wrote is sincere, then those are some powerful words
    No – squash that – regardless of what they are good words

    Nonetheless, women can be conniving – don’t fall into friendzy mode with her – keep it simple – feed her with a long spoon

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