OMG such a baby!

OMG, my ex is such a baby. Wowowowowowow.

lol eventful night so around 9:30 last night Alex comes by the house and calls from outside saying, “Are you home, i see the lights are on.” I said, “what does it matter?” He says, “I want to get my stuff” i said, “stop calling me, just get your stuff” I hung up the phone and didnt answer the other calls. He starts texting me “alright i will come with the police then.” I texted “U arent a little kid, get your stuff and stop calling me. And get them I already spoke to one so stop threatening me. You are the spiteful one.” I spoke to one earlier to know my rights and to ask what to do about him because he’s being ridiculous. Thank God we didn’t have a situation where we had kids. Plus, he has a key, why does he care that I am in the apartment where I pay rent as well?

He texts, “Please go outside while i get my stuff” I texted back, “Nope I live here I pay rent. You stay out I am not keeping you from getting your things”

He texts, “Ok cops it is” so I said “do it” and well, i was actually on my way to my friend’s house so it didnt matter, I had cooked dinner for my friend and I – and I was hungry! I wish I had stayed for the cops to come lol.

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