piercing.jpgI know, I said I wouldn’t have gotten a piercing on my face (I don’t know what happened to me today). My friend and I went to W4 with the intention of getting her a tongue piercing (she liked seeing mine and wanted hers redone).  So while there, a guy convinced me to get it… and peer pressure from my friend haha. So here we go, a new piercing – I think it kind of look like a sexy zit. Can zits be sexy? Nah, when it heals I am going to try putting in a hoop. web.jpg I like it though, surprisingly (well wait until tomorrow when my body realized that a piercing isn’t allowed on my lip). It was so nice this weekend that I almost got stuck in doors. I went for a pedicure and manicure right after we had check in for my job and then I  hung out with my aunt and cousin for abit and then it was back to work. I did relax somewhere in between when I decided to cook and visit W4. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments of my physique from my peers and family lately. However I think it’s because it’s summer haha (I havent been to the gym consistently for a long time). It’s also a change of my lifestyle. I’ve been extremely positive lately ever since I moved. Meeting new people and not taking life as seriously. I’m sadly turning into a glass-a-day drinker so I need to quit that but I love wine ^.^. Tonight my roommate and I took some photos of our entire place so you can view the images on facebook if you so desire. I think we have the coolest pad for girls. How many females have drum sets and Nintendo Wiis? _mg_4873.jpg

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