heiwork.jpgI went to see Step Brothers with Heiesuke, my idol. He’s a badass retoucher and digital illustrator. We always had to meet so finally we did! I had to take the LIRR (which I took for the first time ever). I only had to stop in Mineola. Step Brothers was hilarious, we laughed all the way through that movie. Also Heiesuke is a really cool guy. I asked to be his apprentice since he seems like he loves sharing info. I tried some of his lenses from his Canon camera on mine and I am so for trying a new one now! I want a wide angle lens. It was nice to just get out to cleaner air and a new spot besides congestion in Manhattan.  Initially, we were supposed to go to the movies here. However heading over there allowed me to get photos on the way…






Yesterday I went to Buddha Bar to hang out with some new friends. I had great fun, it was one of their birthdays. I loved inside of the bar. There was a tunnel and a lot of buddhas :-). Apparently it was my first time there.




Earlier that afternoon, I hung out with my new friend Peggy. We were supposed to go to a concert but we went to get Sangrias and dinner instead :-).I did take photos there also.


They were nice about posing for me.


This is Peggy with her bike.

I took a 1/2 day off on Friday so this was great to do. I went after I went to the gym, speaking of which – since it’s almost 6 AM, I am going to bed so I can wake up in time to go to the gym again.

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