I haven’t seen my friend Chad in years (since 2004). I must say it’s funny how life is and the lessons that you can learn from people can sometimes say with you for a lifetime. The things I learn from Chad will possibly not be forgotten. He’s in the military so it’s interesting how his life contrasts mine (being a civilian).

Very few people know who he is but he’s one of my closest friends. We have a history that goes way back to 2003 including the reason why we met (long story I’d probably tell in my book one day with permission).

He visited me this weekend all the way from Georgia. I was appreciative of that because I wanted to think of anything else besides August 1st (my brother would have been 19 years). We hung out and it’s amazing the things that he wanted to do. Usually people who visit want to go sightseeing but he wanted to do things that I did daily/run errands etc. So, I decided to buy Guitar Hero and American Idol for my Wii, purchase things for my roommate and my upcoming party and exchange our cable box from cablevision. I loved seeing how his face lit up when I cooked meals, or took him to places where there were kiosks that he didn’t know existed, etc etc.

This is me having the best time ever! I love my new lifestyle.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like those simple things. I’ve been MIA lately because I’ve been a little busy plus we are throwing a party on Saturday (and I didn’t want to mention that I was obsessed with Guitar Hero these past days).

We went to a BBQ with my friend Brittany also it was great!

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