to my organic raisin brand in the morning…

I am used to making my croissant, egg & cheese (occasional honey ham) and coffee. I’m slacking today.

I going Salsa dancing tonight! Boy am I excited. Well, that is the plan if I don’t end up at some Happy Hour.

Johanna kept telling me about this ad that looks like me and I asked her to take a photo of it. At first when I opened my email, it was sideways and I gasped thinking, “Did someone use my photo!” Then I rotated it and she doesn’t look like me anymore… oh ok maybe its the braids..

Maybe it’s a sister that I do not know about…

I checked this on Overheard in nyc

Trendy homo: Last Tuesday was so much fun!
Boy toy: Last Tuesday is when I broke up with you.
Trendy homo: Yea, but nothing has really changed. I just don’t have to say “I love you” anymore when we’re having sex.

–56th & 9t


And I hate this bitch, can I have her man please… :
Chatty, obnoxious girl #1: My last relationship was a disaster. He just didn’t treat me well. He was very disrespectful. How is your man doing?
Chatty, obnoxious girl #2: I don’t know. He says he loves me, takes me out all the time, is always calling and paying for everything. He even writes me long romantic notes and spends time with me whenever he can. It’s just kind of lame, you know? I just told him I loved him to shut him up.

–E Train

Oh who knows, maybe I will find a nice guy @ salsa tonight.

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