was badass, I liked it – even tolerated the soppy ending.

I forgot to include these images that my friend, Heiesuke, retouched of me. So here they are.

I really like them. He did capture a lot of me in the shoot. Well some of my personality anyway… I like these because they sort of start off a new chapter in my life… something more colorful, vibrant and free…

I am only up because I had this idea to clean the bathroom and my room and the kitchen…

I just figured later today I will sleep in, then I will get my nails done… so getting all manual labour in will be a great idea.

I went to the gym today after a whole week without exercising! I also got a scale with a body composition monitor (Thank you Christian – also for Bully, Smash Brothers and Mario Cart!). I will be able to track my body fat. I want to get back to how I was when I first began college – 18%. However, I do want to keep the same weight so it’s mostly turning these little fat things into muscle. I dont know why I have been obsessed with this lately but I just like having all this energy I suppose. Also, by the time I’m 30 I want to look the same – is that bad?

Anyway, tonight I spoke to my dad. It’s good to hear most of my family is doing good despite what occurred this year with my brother. We are all holding up with our separate lives. I told him my current goals. He seems happy with it and proud. Eh, what else can I do, you know…

Wow so it’s 4 AM I shall take my shallow butt to bed.

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