So I’m off to Florida to visit Shanna Williams. <- Wonder if she minds that I used her name hehe. We went to highschool together. I will be back in NYC for labor day but since I wasn’t sure whether or not I’ll post entries while gone, I decided to post something here. I’ve never been to Florida before and yes I heard of the Hurricane that just passed… I do not miss though now that I do not live in the Caribbean anymore.

I’d love to share recent progress on my life but sadly I can only share among close family and friends 🙂 it’s all good news but I’d rather not jinx myself so it will be a secret (no I am not getting married – although that’s what some thought – interestingly enough… can you imagine, me – domesticated… well more domesticated lol)

I can share however, that when I get back I will train to run a 5K mile  – might just be 1/2 hour. My friend talked me into it, he did a 1/2 marathon the other day.

Also, on Food Network today, they showed the episode where I went to Emeril Live. Yay I was on TV, lol.

Anyway the show description, “A Caribbean-inspired meal is featured. Included: roasted chicken with a guava glaze; jerk pork with mango salsa; peel-and-eat hot-pepper shrimp; tropical sorbet.”

I have no idea if they have it archived… I want to see it. It was called Caribbean ( Episode EM0928), I might look for an archive somewhere… or if someone finds it let me know!

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