I’m only up because I was doing my hair and it’s done.

It’s a little longer because I kept growing it.

I did mostly errands tonight and once again i am taking my butt to bed after 2 AM.

Today was a quite interesting day. I met a guy, in the wonderful game of dating. I swear, no wonder there are so many single people here. The date was a hault after he told me that I looked like Tyra Banks. Now, tell me if I am not insulted! In no way shape or form do I look like Tyra Banks. Love her but no I do not look like her.

Anyway, move to new date I guess… I did the craziest thing the other day where I work. I had two drinks and I had the nerve to walk up to a window where a guy was and asked him for his number. He works nights. The only reason why he met me is because I stayed late for the comedy club (the other night). He wrote his number on the glass. That was really sweet, creative (well the way he did it – I wont say the entire story because I don’t want people to know where he works). Let’s just say that I hope that I am not disappointed. Oh well, there’s always the default – friend.

I will be honest though, I like being single. There’s no caring how the other nonexistent significant other feels, you just do you. I have a lot of freedom. I’m also 23 and childless – gotta love it. I was lol when someone asked me the other day whether I had kids. At times I wonder whether it’s a choice between career and family.  I do have a godson 🙂

By the way, from the prior post: I’m now saying no.

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