I AM A PC. All of my friends know that I do not own a Mac (I know be shocked, gasp, run out of the room, drop your jaw whatever). I love the new Microsoft campaign for I Am a PC.

I just bought an IPOD Touch Today I hope it’s worth it. I love it so far. It’s 16GB and paid with my work discount (yay company).

I haven’t exercised in a couple days. I think I will start going in the mornings because I read this article on spark people. It jump starts your metabolism and energizes you for the day. Exercise is an essential part of my life and I love sharing that. I do feel awful that I missed so many days this month.

I was forced to stay indoors this weekends. Yes, chained, handcuffed, and held against my will. Nah, I had to do roommate interviews. I must say that so far I kinda like the new people who came by. I’ve always loved meeting new people and they all have something interesting about them. Plus, it’s quite nice to start over – fresh. I am indecisive on a male or female roommates. Males seem so easy to deal with. There’s a few guys coming over today so hopefully one of them will be perfect. So much easier because males I’ve lived with only had issues like keeping the toilet seat down.

Friday I went to K-Town, Karaoke and DQ’s Dubwars (to support).

Saturday I didn’t get to do much. Heiesuke and I missed his cousin’s basketball game (we didn’t get the right time) so we ended up watching Righteous Kill – which was great despite me falling asleep since I stayed up the night before (I hate being nocturnal sometimes).

Sunday, I helped volunteers with MoveOn.org and hung out with Kas. We played some video games and watched Heroes, he needs to catch up! I can’t wait for the new episode today.

Yesterday was awkward because my current her bf over and his brother. He was a little strange. I felt bad for him because he seemed to have just tagged along to a “3’s a crowd” arrangement. I didn’t like an audience when I had to make my banana bread (Which came out amazing!) and dinner for myself. Then today my roommate tells me he likes me. Lol, I dont need hooking up and that was strange.

I’m still dealing with “bipolarities”. I don’t think there is any salvaging what just isn’t there you know? So I am basically keeping my distance even in attempts to be nice. From the previous post I mentioned how I was insulted based on things which were unaware.

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