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Part 1.

Sadly you hear no one speaking about the other people running in this election, such as the governor or other issues like abortion that are looking to pass today, because the main focus has been between Obama and McCain for the past year. So going to the polls do you simply vote for people in it party or just randomly guess? Today is a great historical day that I am proud to be a part of. Only because it will be spoken about for decades and probably centuries to come. It is currently 8:40am in the morning while writing this. It was unlike when I was a child when I anticipated Xmas, for I took my sweet time to get here because I live across the street from the polls. Instead of waiting to unwrap this gift of the ability to vote – for I was a citizen for only a few years – I am thinking of how people will see us from now on across the world when we vote for someone new to represent a changing America.

I truly am appalled by those born of this country who choose not to exercise their right to vote. They think it’s cool to stay away from this – what seems like a debaucal – because politics is stupid and can be a popularity contest – which it could. I remember when I was probably 6 years old, or so, when I was a Dominican and my older cousin began ranting that he hated politics. I didn’t even know what it was back then, but I hated it too because whatever politics was seemed so uncool.

Juxtapose to this year, 2008 vs. a few years ago when I was barely legal, a barely American caribbean black senior designer in NYC – or whatever adjectives that I give myself these days to join the bandwagon of being super special compared to everyone else – I have been following almost every minute of it because this decision affects my future more than I want. I refuse to make this a popularity contest. It has to be fair – to balance of course the less literal people who come to vote. Not saying that I don’t exercise some form of ignorance but I am more sure than probably more than 50% of this country.

Part 2.

So I voted. I don’t feel any different as a person but I do feel like I did something great. I also feel like I will be late for work. I am also ballsy to actually wear my Obama shirt to work today. Oh well I will be wearing my scarf over it since it is always so cold in the office.

It’s funny because no one in line asked any questions as to whom I voted, not even after. Not like that is the norm, but for something historical it’s pretty laid back in my area. My neighborhood is majority black – that could be why.

Well, 9:31am on my way to work as a single Caribbean American – that is my classification these days. I did my part. Maybe the vote will make it easier for my unborn children in the next few years… who really knows.
By the way, I am writing all these transcripts with my iPod Touch. Isn’t technology great? I grabbed a breakfast sandwich from Dunkin’ donuts on my way to the metro, I must be about 5 stops from mine. I heard starbucks was giving away free coffee for everyone who say that they voted. I am nervous about going but I might as well since I have no drink.
Chambers street stop in manhattan,
Oh god I stepped in something sticky!!! Haha random ehhh… I just like being able to type in real time. I also like watching random people in the train and listening to LL Cool J. I wonder how many people here voted. Damn someone is panhandling again… I kinda’ don’t want to give up my breakfast sandwich. Whew! My stop is next…

Later! Check back!

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