I wish I would live for the 100th president but that is unlikely that would mean I would have to live for 2 more centuries +. However, we all must say last night’s events made a significant change in history.

It’s undeniable this is by far one of the greatest day that I can’t even begin grasping. Never have I felt so amazing about heritage or race. It took centuries to get here and I never thought that I’d live to see it. Never have I cried so much, never have I taken so long to believe that an event occurred – I watched it over and over on the news to be sure. I’m overcome with so much emotion, especially when he highlighted a 106-year-old black woman who voted and she had seen so much of history including when women got the right to vote, heard Martin Luther King, Jr speeches etc. I cried because only some decades later were women of color, like me able to ALMOST get equal treatment, gain the right to vote and look on as more than affirmative action projects. I am happy most of all that we have a black first lady (you know I encourage interracial marriage but having a traditional black family in the white house (haha someone asked if we could paint it black) is extremely remarkable and just feels right). They are undeniably a beautiful family.

A black man, deemed completely equal. No one can say that this was affirmative action, no one can say that he didn’t deserve this, no one can say that he didn’t work as hard as he could or say that he didn’t run a history changing campaign. His struggle happened to place hundreds of years of slavery, inequality, prejudice and denial on his shoulders. I can’t help but be cynical and say: Since America realized it was about to lose everything, they decided to find hope in him.

Barack Obama. He also has a different sounding name. Not a Jones or brown, not even Thomas, but Obama. Barack Obama. His middle name is Hussein – so amazing. Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States of America – The 1st black president.

I am so emotional right now that I will write later…

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