Tonight I got home a little late because I stayed late at work and had to pick up a few things. Sadly I wasn’t able to help complete the project but I had to go :-(.

I got home and saw a tiny box had been delivered. I wasn’t expecting any packages. My cousin was very curious (my cousin and aunt were with me). I joked that it was a box with Antharax and she needed to back off before she got hurt (and I pretended to open the box cautiously with a pair of scissors).

I thought it was a random box sent with something that I had to pay for so I was preparing myself to send it back. It was a tiny Chinese take-out box, immediately I wondered who would deliver food to me (I wasn’t going to eat it!)

Then I read the paper that looked like an order receipt: Ok I won’t share what it said but I will share what it looked like.

This was incredible sweet. Then I saw something else inside:

It was Silver.

A silver fortune cookie.

With a message inside, that I hope you can’t read.

I loved it! It made my day.

Not saying that I fell in love today but I feel loved and appreciated and I want to thank Chad for that. I am fortunate to have such good friends. He sent it because he felt I needed it. :-D. I have been having a rough year and I am eternally grateful, I will not forget this day. Anyway, just wanted to share.

Thank you my great friends, you’ve made my life amazing!

P. S. I just finished packing – to go off on the adventure that I planned :-D!

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