My christmas day was perfect. Well I did nothing for most of the day but I had Christmas dinner with my coworker Shweta and her husband. They taught me how to play a game called Carrom – which is sort of like pool but with fingers. Shweta and I played against her husband and her friend, was girls against guys.


We won. Shweta is an amazing cook and made the most perfect lamb that I’ve ever had. Her friends also cooked. Shweta also baked delicious cake! Which I snacked in the middle of the night haha.



Then I had a visitor that I had to pick up from the airport. The visit was a great idea! We had a great time going about the city. We went shopping along 5th ave and I showed around my job. We also went to Ruth Chris’s SteakHouse that I had never been to before. Then I played a lot of video games.

I heard that I should learn how to make sweet potato pudding haha. Well -I was asked. I have to look for the recipe from my country.

I can’t wait for new years day. However I have lots of work to do between now and next week.

Right now I am on the train back from the airport. Sadly I have to take a shuttle between Utica ave to get to my stop – what a bitch – sometimes I hate New York Subways because of this. Well, I look forward to being home and snuggled in the warm house.

I have one more day before I return back to work on Monday – short week.

By the way, I have this crazy idea to move to a new state lol…

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