I’ve added a new category because it was needed. I haven’t been blogging in awhile. I guess I can catch up with this. My New Category is called “My Life in NYC,” after all this is DesignLadyNYC. You can still follow me on twitter @Jerlyn. However, there’s still a great deal of information that I will like to keep less restricted to the 140 characters.

These are the posts that will let you know the personal me.

I wanted to write about some life experiences such as: Yesterday’s commute home. I was stuck at 14th and 8th in Chelsea for a 1/2 hour because no trains were able to run. I overheard that someone got ran over by the train. However, I couldn’t find news of it this morning. The passerby wasn’t sure whether the person was a male or female. However, there were firefighters, paramedics, police officers and canines at the metro stop.

With this category related post, I also wanted to write about certain venting/events that I attend, or places that I visited. Something almost like when I travelled to Mexico but without the artwork/design that goes with it. I think I miss that from my last blog on jerlynthomas.com.

That way I can talk about the British lunch that I had today at: Tea and Symphany which was very delicious!

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