Subway adventure # 2

Haha I haven’t blogged anything of substance in awhile… Trying to free up my schedule.

There really needs to be a manual for riding the subway in the mornings. Especially when I just had my coffee and it hadn’t settled in.

  • Absolutely no interrupting fellow passengers with your own soundtrack.
    Keep noises to yourself or friends (speaking, iPod etc. No playing your own soundtrack!). Also, I didn’t ask for entertainment so don’t perform and expect me to pay you. Go after tourists, they are usually at 42nd st, Grand Central or at WallStreet! Also please stop preaching?
  • Bring napkins to blow your nose!
    Definitely no sneezing into your hands and wiping it on the poles (ick – yah I’ve seen someone do this)
  • Do not take up two seats!
    It’s apparent that we are have a serious overweight problem in NYC, it’s an epidemic in the outer boroughs. Sometimes I am carrying my laptop and 4 AS3 books, I’d like to sit and not strain my back… or that nice old woman would love to sit also. It’s not only just overweight people, I hate seeing young capable men with their feet spread out to prevent another person from sitting.
  • Keep your kids away from me! They may be cute, frankly I do not care. Tell them to keep quiet so they don’t end up kicking my shoes, shins or bag!
  • Wait for people to get off the train before you get on. It’s not a race, the train’s not really leaving you. The conductors are trained to make sure you get on before that person who actually is running to catch it.

Well, that was my rant. You may write more if you’d like.

2 Replies to “Subway adventure # 2”

  1. A few more subway suggestions:

    1.) Please lady, stop threating to stab me with that knife in your boot, I am not your ex boyfriend, I am not looking at you, and I didnt just give you the “eye”.

    2.) I see you leering back and forth with that questionable yellow liquid in that unmarked jar that was empty before you went to the corner of the train a min ago. uh… ohhhhh why are you drinking it. gross.

    3.) Screaming to the top of your lungs swearing in language you invented while covered in mustard and hummus and dancing about wildy does not constitute performance art.

  2. HAHA. Agreed! Hate all of these things. Especially the tissues. Is it rude to get up and walk away from someone who is sneezing w no wipes on the train? Just did it yesterday! Grokie.

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