I saw two movies yesterday. Angels & demons and Terminator salvation. I will be writing about Angels & Demons in this entry.

Let’s start with angels and demons. If you were following, you remembered when I wrote an entry about ambigrams and my sudden interest in them. Ambigrams are words written in a way that they can be read the same way upside down.

Anyway, back to the movie. I was disappointed. Ok yes sure I read the book (and pretty recently at that) I am very aware that movies tend to not truly correlate to their exact story sometimes however as it was credited, “based on the story by Dan Brown” was certainly what it was. However, I felt like the script was completely rewritten and not consolidated like some movies are. Yah I know books tend to be better but c’mon!

A great deal of characters were excluded and if that wasn’t bad enough, the plot changed with their absence. I also wondered whether removal of the plot was to budget an explosion because that was the most fascinating part of the story. Honesty, I should have realized how crappy it was based on the pretty sad previews that preceded it. I should have waited for DVD.

Spoiler in red – do not read this section if you do not want to ruin the movie:

Vittoria (
Ayelet Zurer) doesn’t have a father at all she has a partner and a research team (c’mon! Seriously it would have been better with the original plot because it would have made sense that the secret of the antimatter was between them and not a team who possibly just signed NDAs to not disclose info about antimatter!)
When her partner, instead of her father, dies he isn’t branded with the Illuminati symbol
– there is no 5am phone call to Langdon, just a messenger who doesn’t even drive the super cool aircraft! He just uses a regular ass helicopter from Cambridge to the Vatican! (I was looking forward to that the most)
– Vittoria doesn’t get to dress in scantily clad clothing that prevents her entrance to the Vatican like the book says… She doesn’t even scream sexiness like Dan Brown described. She looks super conservative and doesn’t even do the fight scene out of the window like the book said. In fact, she doesn’t even do most of the scenes! She also doesn’t end up with Langdon (Tom Hanks)!
– Langdon doesn’t go up in the helicopter!
–  It isn’t clear what the history of the Illuminati was by the movie…
– The
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (Ewan McGregor) isn’t told that his father was actually the dead pope nor does it explain that his mother died in the church.
– The reporters in the original story aren’t even there!
– The ambigrams aren’t apparent. Also, the final ambigram was supposed to be all the previous amibgrams together … and it’s some whack symbol!

Ok, I was disappointed, let’s leave it as that. I wondered whether the story was actually read and WHY did they stray so much away from the original plot!

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