I am usually earlier with these but with my move, the news of Michael’s death was put off. It was a tragedy however I can’t help but reflect on the mixed emotions of people in his death.

There was controversy with Michael regardless of him being super legendary: his dance moves, his court cases and his skin alteration.

His dance moves are untouchable because they have influenced many dancers of today: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris brown etc… That would surely be missed.

His court cases, even if I don’t believe that he molested anyone, struck up a divide amongst people and drew attention to his bizarre point of views.

The change of his skin color and facial structure placed a divide among African Americans because it was like he was ashamed of his dark skin – maybe he did have a skin condition…

However, with controversy put aside: He was the king of pop, a remarkable asset to life as is… with the moonwalk and various dance moves that people imitate all over the globe. This past weekend, my friend Ibeliz and I went to Apollo to sign the wall. There will be memorials this week for him.


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