I would have to say that Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a must see movie. Of course I loved the animations, special 3D movements, directions and storyline but what I enjoyed most of all was the movies ability to make me laugh – not that I am not easily amused. My company gave us advance screening tickets yesterday and I took along Ibeliz. On my way I ran into Earle so we all sat together alongside his friend. We all enjoyed this movie.

Ice Age 3

Ice Age 3

Of course Scrat is still hilarious! He seems to find love in this movie, yes besides that nut he’s always after. Ellie is having a baby and of course after realizing that the mammoth pack would have a family of their own, Sid tries to start his own family. He comes across some T-Rex eggs and when hatched, he got an instant family. Mama T-Rex comes back to claim her babies and lo and behold, they were gone. When she finds them with Sid, she snatches them up, along with Sid, and takes them to an underground world. Of course a rescue is dispatched among the mammoth and the saber-tooth, Diego.

The rest is comprised of fits of laughter and excitement as the pack tries to get Sid back after meeting a weasel (Buck) who aids in this mission. The mission is successful of course but not before childbirth. I think that both adults and kids will enjoy the movie from start to finish.

I do want to watch it again and doubt that it will get old.

Go watch.. and check out the website.

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  1. Love the movie. What killed it was I paid for 3d tix and was giving seats to the regular ice age. I was soo pissed, they comped for it but it was a great animation… love diego saying “look at me now, im on fire, tippy toes…” but it was great.

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