Isn’t it amazing how social networks make the world seem so small? I think it is. Just a few years ago the internet was much too expensive and webcams were probably unheard of. I forgot where I got my first one but the resolutions were less than today’s camera phones.

I also had a geocities account back in the day (sadly geocities is closing down so I had to backup everything). However, today people expect you to have your own domain. Even if I had jadersworld since I was 15, people were  shocked back then since I had a domain. They didn’t know how it worked. How could they get their name as a dotcom.

Anyway that was the simple thought for today.

In Jerlyn business news: I have some paintings to sell and I will be listing them with different posts.

Here’s the first it has two styles that I loved. Based on Jordin Isip and Frida Kahlo. Guess which parts…


This is a merge of style in mixed media. It was painted by me and it’s 15×20 inches. It’s currently listed for $950.00. If you’re interested, let me know. The prints are $90.00 original sized (20×15) framed. $50.00 for the 8 x 10 and $40 for the 5 x 7 print.

I will be painting more happier paintings since this one seems a little dreary.


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