I came across this article about Samuel Fosso today and thought this is a great idea! He photographs himself in different outfits and disguises.. This is definitely something that I would like to try one day since my DSLR is collecting dust currently since my move.

Samuel Fosso is one of the most renowned and prodigious young African photographers. His fantastical portraits of different types of people – from African Chiefs to American women – are revealed, upon closer inspection, to be self-portraits. A witty and ironic exploration of self-identity, Fosso’s work has been shown in major global venues such as the Photographers’ Gallery in London and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Here’s some of Samuel Fosso’s work:


samuel5See more of Samuel Fosso

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  1. Wait wait wait…..before we go any further….Your camera is collecting dust?… I think I heard it all now. “Pack it up its wrap” 😀 j/k

    Seriously, I think something like this would be a great excuse for someone to play dress up everyday. However, from an artist point of view, it could be a very good way of “Walking in someone’s shoes” so to speak.

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