Musings for August

Alas, these musings are long… this is a “My Life in NYC” post.

My attitude, lifestyle and experiences have coalesced into the new me. The things I do not take for granted anymore the time I take to reflect on changes that I deem as important to my growth. Much of my life’s goals have been altered, not necessarily because I accept failure but because they might not be realistic or they fit comfortably in some other way. I still have aspirations that I will most certainly work for them to come through…

It’s funny that I muster these reflections while riding the metro, possibly because it’s my only down time… much of my other idle time is spent doing something productive – may not be accomplishing my own goals but those of others.

It feels nice to just be selfish for once. Accept a bit of the mindset of an existentialist and agree that much of my own defeats or winnings will be a product of my very own moves on this chess board called life. It’s not because of the people I hang out with or do not. It might be my approach that’s completely wrong. However, why should I spend the next seconds, minutes or years of my life wondering about the impressions that I leave on others? I was told that I think too much.

Yesterday’s shot of espresso did nothing while I was riding the subway. My eyes were heavy from the night before. I should be getting more sleep because right now, I can definitely imagine myself losing much more of my short term memory from the lack of my body’s necessity for rest. I keep forgetting the simplest things, it’s truly annoying to say the least.

On Saturday, I went to Prime on 511 W 21st street, cozy club, with Robert. When I got to the end of the line, they took my two bottles of brand-new, unused hand sanitizers. I was taken aback by this because I was left with my pepper spray – the only worthy weapon in my bag. Some of my peers said that other items were taken away such as visine and a hairbrush. I hope that one day someone can explain how these items can cause problems in a club. I have some ideas. I wish their website at least warned at this (they have no photos of actual events).The drinks are overpriced and even if I ordered a long beach (long island but sweeter – it supposedly had 5 liquors but it tasted like water and did nothing). Nonetheless it was great seeing people who went to my school.


[Photo source: Their website]

Yesterday, I went to see Avenue Q with Earle. I must say that that show was fantastic! I have a new view on life because of it. We were laughing so much! Also Earle’s company also means you’re in for laughter. We went to a Cuban restaurant that he frequents which was also amazing! It’s called Havana Central. The waitress was very nice and gave us complimentary 2 for 1 mojitos card. Her name’s Andrea and she was very sweet. I think I might actually go there again soon. We ended up going to Barnes and Noble to look at books, I loved that. I always have a great time catching up with him because we both love reading and discovering new books. Earle convinced me to get a library card a few weeks ago, it’s not regretful. I usually purchase books that I want to read however, I guess considering that my apartment will be filled with books that I will never read again, I think loaning them might be the best alternative to this almost hoarder-like behavior.

Books that I have read this year so far: The Twilight Series, 48 laws of Power, The Pillow Book of Lotus Lowenstein, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Seducing the Boys Club, and some others that I have started and not completed as yet.

jeriI did a great deal of shopping on Saturday that I will say that I might regret for a few weeks but on friday I did my hair, meaning that I did it myself. It’s funny that people are surprised that I braid my own hair… it’s really not that difficult just requires patience.

I also got the internet on Friday… I decided that my landlord’s isn’t fast enough.. then the cable guy accused me of stealing cable (long story). I was very offended and kicked him out almost not getting cable. However, I realized he was just bitter and possibly didn’t know what he was doing. He’s a jerk.

Also, I realized somehow between this month and last, I have lost all my girlfriends. What’s going on? That’s for another post.


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  1. sounds like one hell of an interesting weekend, and for the record…regret nothing, just chalk it up as a loss if it comes to that, and keep moving :-D.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of contact with female friends.

    *Jumps for joy* Yay the toolbar is back 😀

  2. wow i was gonna write something but got distracted by running jerlyn-character to the right, shes awfully cute… n now i dont remember what i was gonna say :). nothing important i think, just that its nice to read about ur life. talk soon, much love n goodnight from sthlm 🙂

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