I’m still so busy
I have my own place now.
No roomies! Yes!
I have never felt so independent in my life.

Yah my rent is $1100 which isn’t so bad. It’s NYC.
I have 1 1/2 bedrooms.

I’ve organized my place to how I want it to run my business. The website is still underconstruction but it’s still Jadersworld Creative, LLC. I am doing fancy business cards soon and trying to get my friend to help with my little one of a kind boutique. So yes, look forward to freebies from me soon!

I’ve also been too busy for a romantic life but I have suitors that I will consider when I feel like it. I realize that way too many women settle and don’t have a game plan. Yup I’ve already seen so many divorces among friends, it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry I want EVERYTHING going how I want it before I settle down. Besides, men do it. Men don’t really involve women or are serious about women unless they have their goals in tact so why would I rely on seeing any man reach his goal while mine aren’t fulfilled? Ladies, get your act together. If you need to finish school and start on your career do so before claiming a man. He’s going to go after someone who can give him that dedication and support. If you can go to school and support him, fine (women can multitask) however, if you push him way ahead and you’re at a standstill – whose fault would that be? I’m close friends with some guys who have gfs and when I asked them when or whether are they going to get married the guys don’t know how to respond. Why? Duh, because you women do not know how to ask those questions. There should be no uncertainty or “seeing where this goes.” Guys who “see where it goes” aren’t worth your time. We need to think like how men do, date like how men do.

Well, that’s my rant.

I’ve completed school (well majority of it) I still have long term goals on that one. I am so happy with my path so far. I do work for the 2nd largest advertising agency in the world *toot toot.* God has blessed me. Got my own place, check. Started my own business, check. Now to see how everything fits economically.

By the way, I have ran over 51 miles since August 10th, Isn’t that amazing? read more about my journey on Design Lady NYC.

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