We got an update every morning about our sessions but I realized they were only having donuts and coffee in the morning so I skipped and stuck to Orchid Hotel’s continental breakfast.

This was my Tuesday Schedule (The great thing about this schedule is that you can download the PDFs of the Slides).


Ajax for Designers which I had with Greg Rewis (awesome!). We learned about Spry and how to install new widgets to Dreamweaver. You can check some others here and extensions. Greg went over some Ajax frameworks and showed how to alter the css and javascript.


The session was at 8:30 AM but @garazi was definitely not boring!

In order to use these frameworks, when you download them from the website, install and run them by going to INSERT (CTRL + F2 or Apple + F2).

I will definitely be using this more.

Especially since I have been using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) a lot more.

We did simple javascript experiments in this session.

“But the best part about Ajax frameworks is…somebody else has already done all the hard work!”

Here’s a slide experiment that I played around with earlier, it opens in a new browser window (click the image).

fusion framework

After playing with AJAX, we went to the General Session again…

They presented a really frickin’ sweet system that FEDEX has to track packages! Basically for perishables there’s a system that tracks the driver and even reroutes the driver. GPS systems etc.. all using Adobe Products.


Just when I thought that this session could not outdo the previous day’s we got to see John Mayer (@JOHNcmayer) on stage after his video in Augmented Reality was presented.


He did look kind of sexy on the screen 🙂


We saw them setting up for the MAX Bash

Setting upI got to sign the wall for Michael Jackson




My next session was Design to Development: Flash Catalyst to Flash Builder.

“Using Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4 together enables designers and developers to work jointly to create high-fidelity rich Internet applications.” We did some hands on experiments (computers were provided) and took an illustrator file and animated it. I kept the lab exercise to try it at home. This was great because I am going to be using this a lot.

The following session was: Can Good Design Save the Publishing Industry? Newspaper designer Jacek Utko soke about generating creative approach for newspaper, which I still think is near obsolete.

The only problem that I had with this session is that it’s possible that his newspaper works for his demographic but somewhere like a large city, most people are transitioning from newspaper to their mobile or just the internet. You can see it here.

My last session was Adding Viral Distribution and Analytics to Your Applications

The demo was using Flash and Flex to share on popular networks such as Facebook and myspace and mobile devices. They also went over analytics. The speakers were Kuan Kou &  Adam Brill.

After this session, there was the MAX Awards. There were different categories.

The guest was none other than Mark Hamill


There were some really innovative sites. You can see the winners here and other finalists.

After the awards, we saw sneaks! They were AMAZING!

sneakApparently there was a Star Wars Theme, all these sneaks may or may not appear in the next Creative Suite but if something like the clone/patch tools is included OMG it’d be GREAT! I’m also excited about Project Rome. Sadly I didn’t get to record this part, just took some photos.




Following this, there was the MAX Bash!

Jerlyn At this event we were able to hang out at bowling alleys, conga clubs, restaurants etc. The entire block was rented out to this event. There was also a live band and Mark Hamill mingled with fans.


By the way we got these cute little souvenirs:


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  1. Matt Bragg


    Excellent post of your day at Adobe Max. I was there on Tuesday also and had a great time. Your descriptions and photos of the events are right on the money. It made me wish i had taken photos too. I was blown away by the FedEx cargo tracking app in the afternoon session. I couldn’t help but to laugh when I saw your photo of the Indian developer who was describing his “sneak peek” application. I’m no programer, so when this guy was describing his application with a heavy Indian accent…. not only did I not know what he was saying, I didn’t know what he was talking about either.

    I really had a good time at the Bash. But after a few beers and some food I was worn out.

    I am itching to use some of the Spry assets in DW that I learned about in one of my sessions. Oh Yeah Project Rome was too cool!

    Take Care.

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