Warmer Days, injured knee & musings

It’s kind of difficult updating consistently so this post will have a variety of things – a mixture so to speak.


Few things to share. I found out this week that I have Jumper’s knee, aka Patellar Tendonitis. I did some research and found out that, “People who continually jump, run or cut quickly to one side during a sport can irritate these tendons.” That’s definitely me. I do lots of running (besides those that I have been tracking, I’m always running up the stairs and speed walking…

However, none of that is good for my knee so I had my first session of Physical Therapy and I was told that I couldn’t jump rope, do lunges or squats for the weeks that I am in therapy.

It seems like the only cure for this is rest – if you call that a cure. So that’s what I am dealing with as I prepare for the 10K (the Nike Human Race). I got my gear today for the race:

nike plusThis year it’s in Prospect Park. I am very excited but I know that I will have to take my time with this. The other day I ran 4 miles and brought my pace down to a minute (although I sped up in the end).

A great deal of my friends think that I am crazy for running like this but I’d have to say I love running a great deal. I’m very fortunate to be doing it. Many of you do not know what you’re missing… there’s nothing like a runner’s high. I feel driven, determined and fulfilled at the same time. Another step to push myself.

So, it’s my mother’s birthday today. Halloween is coming up. I can’t go to St. Croix this year because of $$$. I have Physical Therapy which is taking up my time as well (hey, in the perfect world, I’d won the lottery by now).

I also wanted to share some artsy stuff with you. I saw displays in Chelsea Market and thought I’d share:



market 2






I really love the building’s rustic look.

underpassSince it was a warm day I got to go around… including Flash Happy Hour (the drinks were free)! Then, Shweta and I ended up going to Taj for Indian Food (amazingly delicious!)


By the way, I hate pink.

guysThe ambiance was caused by them… Photo by Shweta.

I will try to be quicker between posts ;-).

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