Happy New Year!

So the year has come to a close. It’s very bittersweet (well that’s my mood anyway). I really didn’t know what my post would be about but I’ve certainly been through a lot this year. As you know, 2008 was my worst year ever, this year was a little better but still filled with  deception, tribulations, and heartbreaks.

I also think that resolutions are silly unless they are started right away. However here are my goals for 2010:

  1. Learn a new language (programming and spoken)
  2. Travel to more places
  3. Meet new people/life-long friendships
  4. Keep my heart open to let love in (that seemed difficult to do but I’ve managed to all through 2009).
  5. Exercise more often (notice I didn’t say diet or lose weight)
  6. Make a lot more than what I’m making right now.
  7. Start my Masters
  8. Finish my novels & short stories

These seem reasonable so far!

Let me know what yours are 🙂

Happy New Year!


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