Flash and the City was this past weekend. Since it was the first one it couldn’t be compared to other conferences. I paid for it in December so I was really anticipating!

The only thing that it lacked was dedicated wifi (seriously what was up with that!). However, I met some super talented folks and got extremely inspired.

Good work Elad Elrom.

Some of my favorite sessions were the yogurt 3D engine, the litl presentation, robot legs, developing for the social media douchebag, ux development, and how to pitch yourself in a New York minute.

By the way how cool is @bitchwhocodes and I found out today that @phillip went to RIT (like I did).

I did order the litl so I  excited about developing for it. Maybe something can end up on cookbooks.adobe.com from me while I work on it (By the way remember some of my tutorials are here so check them out).

Litl is this light-weight, Content on-the-cloud machine… check out the site.

The 2nd day, we did get to go on a cruise which was pretty awesome! However the limo ride to get there wasn’t a great idea (we got charged $55 for a bottle of champagne that we weren’t warned about and a guy had to pay him out of pocket – I gave him $10).

I met some other cool folks like Montagist, his “soviet” friend and people like Aaron and Gabriel. By the way, I had to rant my not so innocent nature (I will post about that later).

Anyway what did you guys do this weekend? I started my freelance life today. I can’t talk about the project but how cool is this: I was contacted by the Director of HR by this company because I posted the info on my blog about my unemployment and she emailed me! I interviewed with them before and they were my first choice but I got snatched up for a couple months by another place before now. Makes me wonder how many people really read my blog.

The panel from Flash and the City who freelanced had great advice and so did Erik from http://interactiveanimator.com/blog/

Thanks Flash and the City!

I do intend to attend next year!

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