Well lately I have been budgeting. Although my title might make you think that I am a secret shopaholic (I’m kind of even if I get almost useless garb) – I am sort of in denial apparently. Anyway here’s my stereotype of the day: I am an artist/designer (also female – yep) so I love adorably cute creations that other artists make that I can’t make myself. So I started exploring ways to spend less or none at all. Let me know what you think of them let’s put window shopping into practice.

1. If I love something that I’d like to purchase I will take a photo of it.
I will also record the date that I saw it and the price of said date. You know, just incase I’d like to negotiate with that price if it’s not sold by that time. Writing down the date will also help me decide whether or not this want of said object has expired – I might not want it anymore.

I will also attempt to make wallpapers – as a reminder to make the object priority and force me to make a budget for this tiny joy in my life (I enjoy torturing myself apparently this isn’t an option).

2. I will use coupons in all forms:

Coupon from store

source of photo: life123.com

Coupon from cell phone I regular get SMS from my favorite retail places that I realized that I need to cancel.

(I will stick to just grocery shopping)

3. I will leave all my store percentages cards at home and avoid said stores. I’ve programmed myself to believe if I do not have a card in my wallet to receive a discount, I shouldn’t shop. If I always leave it home, my brain will think that I could have missed out on a really great deal.

4. I will not go out often with my friends. Ok that’s abit much I did go to Carries party without spending a dime. This means that I didn’t drink.

5. No drinking . This might not likely happen. The thing is, prohibition might have made this alot easier *sigh.* I also do not have a vice that requires spending money. I do not smoke either (I won’t pay $11 for a pack of cigarettes). However, limiting my social drinking will definitely save me a pretty penny.

6. Keep a close eye on Mint. I’ve been using Mint.com alot lately to track my purchases, see what I owe (see my networth in the negative), etc. It’ll give me a clear idea of exactly how much that I’m spending before I become completely destitute.

I think my practices are essential in my life right now simply because prior I was helping to fund the economy however imagine how much better I will feel with a simpler life? I really do not need all those pairs of shoes.

7. Recycle. Most of my clothing can be repaired, restores, revamped. I’m bedazzling, stitching, recreating items to upgrade the style to present day. Also it’s a perfect time to do crafts with my screen printing kit – maybe I’ll sell them.

What are some ways that you save?

2 thoughts on “What to do if your therapy was shopping?

  1. Sandra

    I’m seriously considering giving all my bank cards to my sister to hide on me. I’ll take out cash at the start of the week, then hand them over, so I won’t get sloppy and start loosing track of how much I’m spending.

    I might have to get my sis a little treat if she’ll help me out though. 🙂

  2. Angie A.

    I auto deposit $250/week into an online savings account and $150/week into an IRA. It makes me feel poor, and like I have no money – which is actually a good thing. If I had all that money in my checking account I’d be making it rain all over Manhattan.

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