Look what came in the mail yesterday:

What Happens When a TV Marries a Laptop? It’s Litl Webbook

That’s exactly what it is, a webbook. I like it. This will make a difference in booting up my laptop in the morning. It’s just very convenient, and litl.

By the way, I truly enjoyed the experience of opening the package.

The remote control.

Power Supply


It’s almost the size of my tiny laptop.

The Alarm is hilarious (it’s a series of sounds that get progressively louder and I felt like I was at a zoo/circus)! It’s truly an experience you would have to have first hand to understand.

I really love the weather panel! I wonder if it will change when it rains outdoors but it’s an extremely gorgeous screensaver.

Since this is flash based, all flash modules on my site work 🙂 yes (take note of this Apple)!

Some panels that I added. They can be arranged to your preference.

And, power off.

Now to see what I can develop for this OR I’ll just enjoy as is. I already love that I don’t have to boot up my laptop anymore.

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