Last night I went to  my very first Burlesque show and ended up getting a tattoo before I headed back to Brooklyn.

I’ll admit, it’s not my thing but I am happy that I went. It’s a basically fancy strip act if you haven’t been to one.

A Burlesque is “a humorous and provocative stage showfeaturing slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, and a scantily clad female chorus.”  –

It’s not my thing because I don’t need to see it I suppose (Not because I don’t like it)? The girls were beautiful and the acts were great. However, a random guy sat with us and he said that he goes to them frequently (and alone) and I didn’t understand why… Then again, I don’t understand strip clubs either (I’d blame it on me being a girl).

I enjoyed the act 🙂

Right after the show, I went to have crêpe avec ma amie Revi.

The place happened to be next door to Addiction Studios at 116 MacDougal st New York, 10012. It was pretty late and I met Simon (now my tattoo artist) along with his coworker Austin.

I asked for a tattoo. At first I wanted a zodiac symbol but I was born on a cusp so it’s always complicated. I settled for a butterfly. If you’re used to my work, you will notice that I have an obsession with butterflies. So, there were thoughts behind it :p.

“It is a symbol of freedom and creativity. It’s delicate and small but makes such an incredible impact which represents me, a singular entity making the vast web beautiful.” [from my post]

“Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth.”

This wasn’t a difficult conclusion to come to because 1. I was completely sober 2. I’ve recently been into tattoos (watching Miami ink and LA ink didn’t help).

I remember never wanting one (also didn’t think i would pierce anything other than my ears). Mostly because I felt like I would change my mind. So I got it in a very discreet place that wouldn’t be visible while I work :).

This is Simon’s sketch:

Here’s the transfer:

Finally, here’s how it looked swollen and all:

This is my very first tattoo. People said that I will get addicted to it and get more. Who knows? I live in the now. Realize how opened I am, I go to Burlesque shows 😉 anything else can happen on my adventures.

Here’s video:

If you ever wanted to know how getting a tattoo feels, imagine someone is pressing their nails into your skin and dragging it… coloring it feels like they are scratching very hard with their nails.

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