This was based on me being obsessed with MacGyver when I was a toddler. My dad used to introduce me to other toddlers as, “This is Jerlyn, she likes MacGyver.” MacGyver was hot, and I knew this when I was just a kid. Who’d thunk? Chuck Norris has nothing on MacGuyver! There I said it! Rumble in the comments sections with facts please, or else you’d just be wasting time. Keiron posted it on my status earlier and Rey decided to side with Norris… this means 1 for Norris and since I discussed it with Revi, there’s now 3 votes for MacGuyver!


This was today’s look, I started a new gig where I will be styling and animating for the iPad and iPhone… haha irony that I don’t own either but I do have an iPod Touch (sorry messy room!)

I figured I’d add some “Jerlyn fashion” in here since I did join the poppy project (to the right of this blog)! If you like this blog tweet “Grow, poppy, grow! #jpoppy #coachpoppy” 🙂 Thanks! There’s some awesome prizes and I heard that there’s a $2500 – really, who wouldn’t want a $2,500 shopping spree? Rhetorical!

This post will be semi-intimate. It involves my dating life (in a way), love life (in a way) and maybe touch base on my job life.

Dating and Love: “With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future.  I live now.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

My life is quite content despite random set backs in the recent months. This is exactly what has made it extremely exciting in the past months. It would be quite disappointing if I lived the exact way everyday. I get to observe others as they go into work and see the gloominess that I hope never to have — I smile. I just appreciate my life where it is right now, I’m happy. However, I had another set back today where I absolutely poured my heart out to someone. It’s something that got ruined because of timing and an insignificant person (an ex gf surprise, surprise). C’est la vie right? I still love with reckless abandon despite what my heart goes through. I often imagined how my heart looks like, possibly beaten up from the torture that I have placed it through in the past months.

Yes, it was someone from the past. When I reflected this evening of how our life would be now I realize maybe I wouldn’t like it. I did consider him a great friend for 2 years but when I think of the time that has past, it won’t be able to be exactly how it used to be. I have been single for 2 years, since my brother passed away. I did grow up in the past months — figuring what I wanted. We aren’t the same anymore. I’d moved on from everything else. Then I snapped out of it and reminded myself about living in the now. I won’t say I’d never ever see him again, we never know what life does to us so, I just won’t give it a second thought.

By the way, photo credit goes to Newsy who captured my element.

I don’t normally pour my heart out on my blog (I used to when I was younger) but it feels right sharing this since many of you admitted reading it (Thanks). I just feel like mutated angst that I need to get over. Other than that, I just have hilarious dating stories (I have a 2nd blog for that). Maybe I should turn it into a book someday (by chance the next person I go on a date with will read this post – ouch!).

Job: Don’t let the past steal your present.  ~Terri Guillemets

Very few know this story but I haven’t worked at Aviary since May. If it’s a shocker to some of you folks, I guess you missed that entry it’s here.  Don’t worry it needed to be done. It was definitely a dream of mine and I did it. I was on their beta since 2008 and I reached that goal but when you reach goals you have to make more right? Well, it has been uphill since then. So far, I’ve been freelancing in these past months and I learned so much. I’ve done things like designed devices, websites, pitches, brain storms for fortune 500 clients, banks, traveled, etc. I’ve learned:

1. It can be intimidating but freelance can be quite flexible if done right.
2. Reach out to all your connections:, I’ve had some pretty sweet projects these past months and it’s because I had friends who believed in me and my work (my job was not to let them down).
3.  You can never have too much money if you didn’t have any to begin with. (Save, save, save). Luckily I saved enough as emergency fund.
4. I’m easily stressed (Yes I am) if I’m not in reality. I can’t help it that my creativity leaves me in an imaginative state.
5. You might have to pretend to be the mafia to get paid. I haven’t been paid on time by an agency that I worked for since June 29th. It’s now August 9th, I had only been paid 1 check. I was supposed to receive 2. They weren’t on time with the first. I had to send them a very strong email earlier. Hopefully I will get paid by this weekend. Apparently everyone I owe wants to get paid on time, doesn’t seem to be the same for people who owe me.
6. Balance is essential. Sleep, diet and exercise! (I have bootcamp in the morning).
7. Your friends and family are supportive (well most are). Keep them close!  I have undying love for my friends now. They have been so great to me. I LOVE them and I wish I could tell them everyday how I feel. I feel honored/blessed to be inspired by them and appreciated by them and the feeling is mutual! Plus, my family just rocks – enough said.
8. I’m talented. F’ it! I said it! I earned it! I’ve been coding since I was 11. I’ve built my PC, crashed it, formated, and installed OS on it. I went to a really great school even if I grew up poor. Got scholarships, came to a country that I had barely visited and made it my home. Made honor role all through High School and Deans List all through college. Became a published illustrator reached my dreams and more. Felt heartbreaks to sustain my dreams! F’ it, I earned it. *insert Mel Gibson catching his breath here [haha if you don’t know what that means  you fail pop culture]* This is the first time that I had to admit that I deserve being conceited and I WORKED hard. (It’s possible that God might not like this post).
9. Keep setting goals. My ultimate goal is to reach a point where I can work pro bono. I want to make others happy. A wise man told me that in order to helps others I need to help myself get out of my situation first, I’m doing that and giving good back into the world while that happens.

<3. Good night.

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