So I woke up yesterday and did my third bootcamp session. I have yet to be fully rested the night of any of my classes. For each class so far, I’ve had a different teacher. For every class so far, I have drank the night before (Apparently I lack the discipline).

I hope that over 800 calories have been burnt like they advertised because I am completely drained. By the way, update on my vegetarian diet: I had 3 BBQ wings two nights ago. Something must have been wrong because I felt really tired and drained that day not sure if the meat helped though. I did feel a little gross having it.

Yesterday morning I felt like poo, trying to decide if it’s the food or guinness. I decided to simply cut down my intake than remove it altogether. The truth is: I need a nutritionist if I am going to make a significant change. I tried vitamin supplements and protein shakes but my energy level didn’t rise. I did feel great the first couple weeks. I sort of felt like a failure temporarily but I will get over it.

I also did something awful: I had a Ranch Crispy sandwich from McDonalds and I received complete hell from my peers. They were right, I did feel like shit after.

Anyway, now I am sick and not sure from what.

As for diets, I will continue having vegetarian inspired diets but with the right to have meat when I listen to my body. Replacing things like eggs and yogurt to me was very difficult. Also, I ended up having too much fried foods, like falafel.

By the way, shout out to Brian who I met yesterday because I don’t like adding people that I haven’t met to my facebook. Not sure if he wants to be linked. Brian’s a chef and he also criticized my McDonalds experience. If you’re on my facebook list and we haven’t met I think it’s time that we do. I decided to make that change about a year ago. I like this because I can put a face to you and your mannerisms. Also, we usually become genuine friends that way. I’m not in any way interested in being popular so I don’t randomly accept requests because I am in fact pretty opened about a great deal on facebook than I am on twitter or my blog.

For everyone else, you can join Design Lady NYC on facebook, it’s sort of the same but stripped and it’s all aggregated in one spot. Soon, I’ll start adding prizes (joy)!

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