“Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.” – Martin H. Fischer

Super random post.

As my domain makes 10, I am reflecting on the years past. Not longingly, but in absolute content as I get older — and hopefully wiser.

I remember John Boyd telling me that I would become even more conservative as I grow up. I thought that wouldn’t happen, I was a total liberal “blogger” — the term wasn’t coined back then when I installed greymatter to my server. Noah Grey wrote greymatter back then and it was in PERL – here’s an interview back in 2001. I’m reminiscing because my domain makes 10 years in a couple weeks. It was purchased by John when I was 15 (Yup, I’m 25).  I had began working for him when I was 14 years old and I really didn’t know where the internet would have taken me. I had learned HTML and CSS after being bored of yahoo JAVA chat rooms. John introduced me to PERL and PHP (which I wish I had started with first).

My domain’s a decade old!

(Layout before the domain — so embarassing) I used Paint Shop Pro, DHTML, pop up window.

Layout in College.

It has been more than 10 years since I wrote my first line of code (I didn’t celebrate that). I wasn’t sure of where the internet was going. I had opened my life to everyone who would read it. I am a tinsy bit more conservative now that’s for sure. I’m not sure why. My designs have improved thankfully (even if I am failing at my own blog redesigned — working on it).

In high school, I wrote about my family. My parents had gotten divorced, we hadn’t even known about it. They still lived together. I wrote about my feelings. I connected with a great deal of kids who used the internet as an outlet (they could have been pedophiles — who knows). I lived in the Virgin Islands and I dealt with the regular teenage angst… I wasn’t influenced by the world. I was known as Jader (when people call me this now, it takes awhile to process).

I wrote a tutorial on vectoring.

I used to be addicted to Half Project… I’m still hoping that they remove their hiatus:

In college, I wrote about parties I attended, guys dated. Heart break was completely new to me since I was simply a  good student and saved (yup completely Christian).

Now I live in New York City (this has nothing to do with my beliefs by the way).

I wrote about my life with my ex when we first moved in together in Queens, NY. I felt there wasn’t much to write about except corporate life and responsibilities.

After I moved to Brooklyn, I wrote my adventures on my blog now that I can see New York in a different light — sans the dating life of course. I realized that some things need to be kept private but I don’t ditch the opportunity to write about bad people (bad clients, people who threaten lives or racist people). I prefer writing about things that inspire or motivates. Life’s short, you should continue to be happy and avoid bitter or exclusively opportunistic people.

Welcome to my  celebration of 10 + years living on the internet. Look forward to something new in the next few weeks. I’m not a millionaire yet though.

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