I ran the Komen Race for the cure again this year. I did it last year. My time is much better at  7′ 42 pace and my best mile was 6′ 47″. Last year I ran at 7’58” and 7′ 11″ was my fastest mile.

Also the year before.

I did torture myself abit by running 4 miles the day before, doing my exercise ball and running the following morning in Central Park.

I’m still trying to be as good as @seb66 (he’s a machine!)

Anyway, nothing superbly new happened this week but I had such a great time yesterday that I thought that I should write about it. I hung out with Joris (now a reader of my blog and super new to NY). I love seeing NY in his eyes and I am so excited that he likes trying new things. Guess I have found my new sightseeing buddy.

This was definitely operation make a new friend, (Thanks Revi!)

By Joe’s suggestion we started at Kyochon chicken (By the way, Joe is getting married this weekend. Congratulations Joe and Hanna! I guess I can cross it off my list – 36 things for a single girl to do before she settles down – of attending a wedding).

Anyway, Kyochon was very well decorated. Not normal Korean Food but it was delicious! It’s definitely a place you should check out (mostly fried foods on the menu though). The Kirin beer that Joe suggested was also very good!

319 5th Ave, New York, 10016

(pic from Urban Daddy)

After KyoChon, we went to a tourist shop across the street and bought some Tee Shirts. I might post the one I got one day.

After that we headed to Stitch Bar and Lounge (another new favorite and convenient bar).

247 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018

Then finally ColdStone at time square.

253 W. 42nd Street, between 7th and 8th Aves

Not really helping my diet but I’m excited for the weekend.

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