After seeing some of these logos, I’m hesitant to submit any of my own. See some others.

Honestly I am not even phased by the Gap logo because it was probably created for buzz.

Thats definitely what it did today: created buzz for the store. Even the @GAP twitter account tweeted:

On their facebook, they posted:

Thanks for everyone’s input on the new logo! We’ve had the same logo for 20+ years, and this is just one of the things we’re changing. We know this logo created a lot of buzz and we’re thrilled to see passionate debates unfolding! So much so we’re asking you to share your designs. We love our version, but we’d like to see other ideas. Stay tuned for details in the next few days on this crowd sourcing project. Wednesday at 9:36pm

A few weeks ago I got a groupon for the Gap. So, am I surprised that there’s a new marketing strategy? Absolutely not. Currently they are creating crowd-surfing for the new logo on the facebook. Is a new logo required? Nope. I love the branding exactly as is. However, traffic was apparently necessary. Maybe that’s why a mockery of a logo was created? It’d be funny if this was done by a designer who thought this logo would work. It’s almost preposterous.

Anyway the Gap logo on twitter and facebook remains unchanged. The new logo only appeared on users sites and I wouldn’t put it past them to return to their previous logo in a few days.

Do you think it was effective? Did you also create your name as a GAP logo?

Maybe all they needed was buzz.

Let me know your thoughts and join Groupon!

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  1. kiki

    I think most Commercial companies change every 10 to 20 years to remain relevant. Others may have a longer turnover cycle. Most companies get backlash for that change because people like things the way they are but eventually it will be the new normal. I think the log is clever and still simple in the style that I’m used to for Gap and the buzz will definitely help as well. All publicity isn’t good publicity but in this case, I think it is.

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