“Ma’am, do you have an unlimited card? Can you swipe me in?”

Ok, so I didn’t stop because I was rushing out of the station. However, did you know that one of the reasons why the monthly unlimited card is being raised from $89 to $104 is because of people who will not purchase a metro card? Yes, that’s one of the reasons. Many of you, and hopefully the guilty person is reading this, do try to find ways to not pay for these rides…

Ok, sure… I believe in helping people… and Yes, if you lost your card and you’re stranded I’m willing to help. However, will I wait until you give me a convincing story? Mmmm — probably not. I cringe everytime I have to purchase it also and it comes out of my budget. Also, you can’t be dressed better than I am yet ask me to swipe you in… really?

I’m a freelancer and I’ve been valuing every dollar for months now. Each ride costs approx. $2.50 so that’s approx. $5.00. If I get an unlimited monthly currently ($89) it comes to approx. $1.50 per ride. I’m saving about $1 currently if I get it and take the metro everyday (not counting the days that I have to take a $20 cab ride). If I travel back and forth for the entire month with $104 it’s about $1.75 per ride now… Ok, not so bad but it does add up if SOME PEOPLE do not want to help pay for a metro card.

I believe that eventually the MTA will be as costly as Metro North and some European countries. We have it sort of good here in NYC with these prices… it’s just unfortunate that the service doesn’t reflect that. The subway is always crowded and not so clean (I think they are working on it).

Not all of us are doing their part. Surely, I could probably wait until someone comes out of the exit and ask them, “Ma’am” or “Sir, do you have an unlimited metro card, can you swipe me in?”

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