What do you get when you send a foreign foodie into NYC? Well, just a plethora of choices to make the foodie happy.

Last night’s event was a dessert crawl and I do have a sensory overload that might make my dentist cringe but my sugar high was been pretty steady.

I did indulge and if I can’t fit into my jeans I’m starting a strict diet.

This idea came from Revi. She invited me to the November Outrageous Dessert Crawl by The NYC Food Crawl on facebook.

We had a few rules before we started:
1. Pace ourselves
2. Follow the Route
3. Get to know others in the time we wait
4. Try suggestions or other things on the menu
5. Bring home souvenirs

You can see the photos from the rest of our night on Design Lady NYC’s album here

We started with a small group.

Revi and I met Gil and Melanie who are now our foursquare friends. Melanie’s an Architect and Gil used to be a paralegal. They are all almost as big foodies as I am and really nice people. They are both from California originally.

We made acquaintances and we were on our way!

1. Led Zeppole

The first place we went was Led Zeppole which I think is the group’s favorite.

It’s located on 328 east 14th street between 1st an 2nd Ave. We tried the killer fried Oreos like they suggested but we really enjoyed this delicious fried dough (Zeppoles) on their menu that drammaa had us try. Here’s his photo:

2. MomoFuku
The next stop was Momofuku (why do I feel this is a bad word?) and I splurged and got 4 types of truffle. The banana cake truffle was amazing to me. Momomfuku is located at 207 second ave at the corner of 13th street.

3. Just Sweet Desserts
The next stop was Just Sweet Desserts where we had tapioca with coconut dessert soup cold.

I loved it, especially the mushy balls (take it as you will).

It’s located at 83 Third Ave at the corner of 12th.

We also found out that if you put “waving cat” into Google (thanks to Gil), you come up with Maneki Neko which are the waving cats that you see in Japanese influence establishments. Maneki Neko “literally “Beckoning Cat”; also known as Welcoming Cat, Slappy Cat, Lucky Cat, Money cat, or Fortune Cat,” according to Wikipedia.

4. Saint Alp’s Teahouse
At Saint Alp’s Teahouse located at 39th Third Ave. We also saw other Maneki Nekos here.

We met a few other crawlers and had 6 types of toasts.

I swear that my breakfast toast are never going to be the same again! Our groups favorite was definitely the condensed milk classic toast.

5. Spot Dessert Bar
Spot Dessert Bar was where my sugar crash came and I think the group was weary also.

Behold (the manager joked it was at a 5 million dollar bid).

Spot is located at 13 St. Marks place between 2nd and 3rd ave.

We got the satay peanut creama with bacon toast.

It was interesting. I think I liked it the most in the group. However, I couldn’t have too much of it since my taste buds were fatigued.

Everything in moderation right?

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